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melskunk's Journal

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15 February 1979
The skunk what is bloo.

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FMS3adm/FM4dfmrw A+++$ C++ D++ H M++ P++ R T W+ Z+++ Sf+/f+ RLA/CT a cdmno+++$ d-- e++ f+ h+++ iwf+++$ j+ p++ sf*

alien species, anomalocarids, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphics, antiques, archaeopteryx, attention deficit disorder, autopsy antiques, bonaire, bouldering, brer rabbit, budgies, burgess shale, cantonese, caves, caving, cephalopods, chalicothere, children's books, children's literature, chinese culture, chocolate, chocolate tasting, climbing, cockatoos, cognitive disorders, comics, conlang, conlangs, costuming, cryptozoology, cyberization, designing alien lifeforms, dinosaurs, drawing, elasmobranchs, elongated coins, exotic pets, feathered dinosaurs, ferrets, fictional journals, food allergies, freediving, furries, furry, furry fandom, fursuits, giant sloths, glados, glados/shodan, hares, harpy eagles, havanese, hayao miyazaki, horror, horror attractions, j-culture, j-pop, japanese culture, japanese goldfish, justified ancients of mumu, kakapos, kingyo, kokaku kidotai, lambretta, lambretta starstream, language creation, learning disorders, lycanthropes, lycanthropy, macabre, maneki neko, matschie's tree kangaroo, mesoamerican mythology, mortuary, motoko kusanagi, mumuland, mustelids, mythology, netherlands antilles, nut allergies, nut free, nut-free, okojo-san, opabinia, paleological reconstructions, paleology, paleontological reconstructions, parrots, peanut allergies, peanut free, petroglyphs, playmobil, pressed pennies, quakers, quetzalcoatl, rabbit in the moon, rare breeds, rare livestock breeds, revy, roleplaying, roleplaying games, samm schwartz, science fantasy, science fiction, scooters, shapeshifters, skunks, snakes, snorkeling, society of friends, speculative evolution, speculative fiction, spelunking, spirituality, squid, steampunk, steampunk overclockers, storm chasing, stumbling, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable aquaculture, tanuki, theology, therianthropy, tollers, tosakin, transformation, transhuman, tree boas, trickster hare, trickster legends, trickster myths, trickster rabbits, tricksters, trilobites, urban exploration, vespa, weasels, werecreatures, wiwaxia, wolverines, worldbuilding, yapoks, zoanthrope, zoanthropy, zoomorphic, 攻殻機動隊

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